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TK Cloud is a cloud service that allows management team control over the truck fleet remotely with the help of computer or smart phone.

  • Acquisition of prompt notifications about abnormal pressure deviation in tires by e-mail.
  • Online monitoring of pressure and temperature in tires of the whole truck fleet.
  • Recording changes of pressure and temperature in tires for the whole period of TireKeeper usage.
  • Generation of detailed reports for the picture of accidents in case of emergency.
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How it works

1 Sensor

Sends tire pressure and temperature data via radio signal

2 Receiver

Receives, processes information and sends it via Bluetooth

3 Monitor

Displays tire pressure and sends the information into the cloud service

4 Cloud service

TK Cloud analyzes information and notifies designated persons in case of detection of critical deviations

5 Warning

In case of problems detection you will be notified by e-mail



Realtime pressure information online.


You can check the statistic information about each truck and whole autofleet.


Just few clicks to make report about problems.

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